I was searching for healthy snacks and based on ingredients in some healthy snack recipes I began to wonder if it was possible to have those two words harmoniously residing in one recipe at all. Alas, I found the following recipe from Under Armour: http://blog.myfitnesspal.com. I am sharing it with you because I tried it and like it!

Most of the ingredients I hand on hand with the exception of raw cashews and some dried blueberries. The recipe calls for dried berries, and with the photo on the Under Armour blog showing blueberries I wanted to the mix to be just as it was pictured, especially to be sure of an accurate review.

This recipe calls for an oven temp of 350 degrees, which was a little concerning to me as I had already researched roasting nuts over 170 degrees and the reduction in the natural healthy benefits of the nut oils. However, in my determination to remain true to the recipe, I turned the oven to 350 degrees.

Image of ingredients in mixing bowlMy first batch of trail mix was made exactly as you see in the recipe below.  Total preparation time was less than 15 minutes, which included my reading the recipe and measuring as I went along. I am certain this prep time would decrease as you become more familiar with the ingredients, measuring and mixing.

I had a lot of raw cashews left over and other nuts in my cupboard and that is when I decided to change it up a bit. I added some pecans and dried cranberries instead of blueberries. It was equally delicious! Image of trail mix with CBs for post

I am most certain I will try different ingredients next time too….. I am already imaging dried apricots, pepita seeds, maybe even sunflower seeds.

Let me know if you try the recipe and like it, or if you find a very scrumptious variety of your own. Then share your recipe, too!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind the nutrition information listed at the bottom of this page relates to the recipe as it is written here, not any my changes or additional ingredients.