Aging / Relationships By On January 30, 2017

Earliest Childhood Memories

One of my children and I were engaged in conversation about childhood memories when I was asked to recall my earliest memories. Afterward, I hesitated to share this with my readers, however, you won! I was born in April 1957, during one of the longest cold spells on record that year for the Midwest. I was first known as Baby…

Aging / Home / Lifestyle / Relationships By On January 15, 2017

Welcome to It’s Never an Empty Nest

Mission Statement: To use my gifts and life experiences to enrich the lives of others. Welcome to It’s Never an Empty Nest, the place where baby boomers, or those interested in aging gracefully, can find useful information, insights, resources and inspiration for living life fully. Whether it is a delicious recipe, inspiration, relationships or healthy aging, I strive to help you…

Home / Relationships By On January 8, 2017

What’s Behind My Blog Name?

Often times people associate an empty nest with an empty home when the last child leaves for college or gets married. When I first considered the idea of a blog, written for the sole purpose of connecting to people my age, I had this very thought. In fact, I was actually going to name my blog something to that effect….

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