Aging By On February 6, 2017

And The Beat Goes On

Welcome, February! Did you know that along with Valentine’s Day, it is American Heart Month? First began in 2003, the National Wear Red day was started to educate men and women alike on how to take care of their own heart and is most knowingly symbolized by the red dress. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both…

Aging By On February 1, 2017

Beautiful Reflection

For some reason, I woke today with such a feeling of lightheartedness. I have no idea why, but it was so overwhelming I wanted to skip like a child! I could not image what on earth was going on, but skipping seemed like the only appropriate inherent bodily expression. So, for the first time in years, I skipped. Better yet,…

Aging / Relationships By On January 30, 2017

Earliest Childhood Memories

One of my children and I were engaged in conversation about childhood memories when I was asked to recall my earliest memories. Afterward, I hesitated to share this with my readers, however, you won! I was born in April 1957, during one of the longest cold spells on record that year for the Midwest. I was first known as Baby…

Aging / Home / Lifestyle By On January 18, 2017

Warming Up Your Winter

Following the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the introduction of a New Year, January feels like the slowest moving, not to mention grayest months of the year. Especially in the Midwest. So this year, to prepare myself for the slowing pace of winter, I created a list of ways to fill my nest with warmth and some much-needed comfort….

Aging / Home / Lifestyle / Relationships By On January 15, 2017

Welcome to It’s Never an Empty Nest

Mission Statement: To use my gifts and life experiences to enrich the lives of others. Welcome to It’s Never an Empty Nest, the place where baby boomers, or those interested in aging gracefully, can find useful information, insights, resources and inspiration for living life fully. Whether it is a delicious recipe, inspiration, relationships or healthy aging, I strive to help you…

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