Hello everyone, I have not written in a while and I have missed you all so very much!

My absence was primarily due to a summer packed with all of the activities a summer can bring and then some. Our daughter nested with us for three months upon her return from India. We got caught up on a lot of things, shared mother daughter time and reconnected. It was great, I enjoyed each and every minute I had to share with her while she was home. Now, she has left the nest once again to join her husband as they relocated in Germany. As you have probably already imagined, this is the perfect vacation spot for us next year.

Now I find myself slowing down somewhat and able to enjoy the clean crisp air that can only be brought on by the chill of  autumn. I enjoy the intense displays of color and the playful crunch of the leaves underfoot while they carpet the ground, an invitation for me to linger and meander a little longer. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath of autumn air and relinquish myself to relish the moment, however, find myself too soon removed by a common phrase replaying itself in my mind, ‘time to go, much to do.’.

With the harvest picnics, bon fires and toasted marshmallows behind me, I must turn my attention to a favorite holiday of mine, Thanksgiving. The day when my kitchen turns into the most wonderful place in the world. That special place when mingling aromas not only entice family and friends into mouth-watering anticipation of a delectable dinner but also time to reflect on why we are truly thankful. I have found over the last few years of practicing gratitude and daily thanksgiving, my heart and mind  are much more receptive to seeing the good that has happened to me while instilling contentment and happiness. If you have not yet embarked on practicing an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving I challenge you to begin counting your blessing everyday and see if you do not experience the same. I have found it truly remarkable and life altering.

Where do you begin? By recognizing and being grateful for the smallest things, something superficial, unimportant, often taken for granted. Once you feel comfortable, begin writing your blessings in a gratitude journal. This will allow you to recognize what you have and shed a positive light on your life invoking a more grateful attitude and you will find this practice becomes much easier over time. So stop for a moment, take a look around and write down your blessing. I have a feeling it was something you had not even thought about before. Now keep looking, don’t stop, because your blessing are everywhere when you take time to look for them.

I hope you have been inspired to embark upon a daily journey of thanksgiving by becoming more aware of what you already have and counting your blessings. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and remember to start counting!